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More Farmfest corex stars!

More Farmfest corex stars!

Seeing stars! Or rather crafting stars from various materials is what I have been doing for the past few months to adorn the children’s tent at farmfest. Here are a few made from fabric, moon sand and recycled corex and car paint!

Crochet granny squares

Isn’t Youtube fab? I’ve been busy teaching myself to crochet granny squares, its so much quicker and even more portable than knitting! I’m very excited, although not sure about the colours. This was my test run on cheap wool from Walthamstow market- my new favourite place!!

Here is the video I watched to teach myself:

William Morris wallpaper

I’ve always loved the designs of William Morris, but since working at the V&A I’ve learned so much more about him and he has become a real hero of mine. I was absolutely ecstatic when I inherited this wall paper! The print is called Bird and Anemone, it looks so fabulous in my living room! I’ve also got some Larkspur print that I’m hoping to put up in my hall. Its worth venturing to Walthamstow to visit the wonderful William Morris gallery too if you’re a fan like me!

Kazuko Morishita

I’ve recently discover my friend Kazuko Morishita’s beautiful illustrations, like me she studied at Camberwell. I think they are so delicate and cute. Enjoy…

'Tea Party' Watercolour.

'Art in Summer' also a Water colour,  which looks like a playful version of the Royal Academy of Arts Summer show.

'Painting on a Boat' Water colour.

Applique Letters!

Here is my attempt at Applique letters. With the help of a marvelous video clip to help. Link is here:

I’m using them to decorate aprons for a hen party- which is top secret!! We’ll be decorating Cake Pops! Which I’m far too excited about. The final aprons will have the bride and grooms initials…

Will update once I’ve sewn them onto the aprons!

Cornish Cider Cake

Inspired by and slightly reminiscing about a recent camping trip to Cornwall, and an excuse to use my new silicone guglehopf mould (Thats a round cake mould) here is my cider cake! Which really is a lovely moist and rich fruit cake. You can’t really taste the cider…

Recipe Below:

A few shots of Cornwall, just to reminisce a bit more…

The Big bad wolf lives on

Jamie and I created this life size big bad wolf in memory of Farmfestival, it was a great way to fill a rainy Sunday. I drew around Jamie on sugar paper taped together. We had so much fun scaring everyone with it!

Farmfestival 2013

Wow! This year went so fast. It was fab! We had so many children come and join us! Sadie and I worked hard to assemble the set of our enchanted forest!

Activities included mural making using paints and collage and 3d sculptural castle making! We had so much fun. Here are some details…

A very glittery castle!

The finished mural.

And of course a massive shout out to my amazing volunteers who were fabulous and art and helped a lot of children make a lot of art!!

Anita Klein Paintings

I stumbled across the amazing paintings and prints in a little gallery in  Bermondsey on a trip to the Fashion Textile Museum. I love how bold they are and how they epitomize being a woman to me. If I could afford to own one… 

Anita Klein studied at Chelsea and the Slade schools of art.
she is a fellow and past president of the royal society of painter
printmakers (re) and has work in many private and public collections
in Europe, the Usa and Australia, including the Arts Council of Great Britain.

They remind me of Beryl Cook’s work or Picasso…

“it is nice to have a real humourist recruited to the ranks of
gifted painters. she is to be congratulated on livening up
our dreary lives.” art review.